The blogger(s) I'll never be

This photo has nothing to do with the post. Baby Mac and Bubby are just so darn cute, though, I couldn't help but share. That's what we grandma bloggers do.

I'm a grandma blogger. And although I may not be the Pioneer Woman or Dooce of grandma blogging, this is my niche and it fits me quite well. Mostly because there is no other kind of blogger I could be.

I could never be a food blogger because even though I'm a pretty good cook, I don't cook fancy. And I don't take fancy photos of my non-fancy food, either.

I could never be a photography blogger because I really kind of stink at taking photos. Not because of the subjects (of course!) but because I need instruction on setting up awesome shots. Or using Photoshop to fix the not-so-awesome shots. If nothing else, I need a new camera.

I could never be a fitness blogger because, well, I'd need to be fit. And I'm not. And not all that passionate about becoming so.

I could never be a tech blogger because I don't know <cuss> about tech stuff like HTML and trackbacks and, well, I don't know what I don't know when it comes to tech so I can't even tell you what I don't know. Which is why I use Squarespace for my non-tech blog.

I could never be an arts & entertainment blogger because I'm not hip or cool or in the know on anything arts or entertainment related. I just know what I like when it comes to books, movies, music and all things artsy...and most of that I've been directed to by other bloggers. Or Entertainment Weekly magazine.

I could never be a coupon/rebate/thrifty blogger because I hate having to deal with coupons. At least those used at the grocery store. Not so much because I hate coupons but because I hate grocery shopping. Which I've mentioned before. I could maybe be a coupon code blogger because I'm pretty good at finding the codes...when absolutely necessary.

I could never be a fashion blogger because, well, have you seen how I dress? Or wear my hair? Or apply my makeup? 'Nuff said.

I could never be a pet blogger because although I love my dogs and cats oh-so much, I really suck at sounding all sweet and cutesy about them. I'd be more of the Go The F**K To Sleep kind of writer if focusing on my dogs, which would leave me in a quandary since I never (well, nearly never) use the real life or in print. Especially not on my blog. Which is making me want to delete that book title. But I won't.

But of all the bloggers I could never ever be, the past few days with Bubby and Baby Mac have made it clear that never in a million and three lifetimes would I have made it as a mommy blogger. My time with my grandsons has given me a new respect for mommy bloggers. Because, truly, I don't know how they do it and still manage to keep a household going and their children growing safe and sound and secure in themselves. I'm not the mom, but I've been playing a backup one in the desert for just a few days now, and, let me tell ya, blogging is the very last thing I have time for and being creative with posts is the very last thing I have mind for.

Which is why you've gotten only this rambling list as today's post. I don't know how the mommy bloggers do it.

Let's just say I'll be sticking with the grandma blogger gig. The title—and the typically no-longer-responsible-for-the-hard-part-of-parenting lifestyle that accompanies it—fits this tired ol' out-of-shape and makeup-less me quite well.

Today's question:

If you could become Pioneer-Woman-level successful in any blogging niche, what would you most like to blog about (regardless of real-life talent, ability, or knowledge)?