The heat is (still) on

Many of us are still hot and bothered by the crazy heat that has swept the nation. Sure, it's a tad cooler than last week...maybe...but it's still hot.

With heat comes irritability. Especially for those without air-conditioning. I'm one of those.

Yet being irritable—the word, not the behavior—isn't quite as onomatopoeic as one might desire when it comes to describing the state many of us are in. So I found a new word. It's not a true onomatopoeia because it doesn't sound like the irritable me sounds, but it sounds like the irritable me feels. (Kind of like how the word heebie-jeebies doesn't describe how the state sounds at all, but certainly what it feels like.) Plus, this new word o' mine is short, has only one meaning, and it's easy to pronounce, which uses less energy to say—a plus on these steamy days.

So I hereby share with you today's word for New Word Wednesday:

TETCHY (TECH ee) adjective 1. irritable; touchy.

Because of the continued heat wave, I'm tetchy and acting more like a toddler in need of a nap than a good and gracious grandmother.

A fitting word, if I do say so my tetchy self.



I certainly can't imagine the Grilled Grandma featured this week as ever being tetchy, but one look at that photo above which she titled "skiing is hard on grandma's nerves" and there's no doubt she's lots of fun.

Read all about this fun-loving grandma and her fortunate grandkids in Grilled Grandma: Mary. Then definitely pop on by her blog to see some of the awesome photos Mary takes of what she sees and is and does. She's an interesting lady, to say the least. Clearly not tetchy at all.

Happy Wednesday, my friends!

Today's question:

Being hot makes me tetchy. What makes you tetchy?