My, how congenial

Through blogging, I've met so many folks with passions and pursuits similar to mine. Often the similarities are a love for grandchildren and children. Just as often it's a love for the written word — reading it or writing it. And occasionally I'm fortunate to come across someone with similar tastes in music ... or food ... or television shows that are destined to be cancelled as soon as I take up watching them.

Online more often than off, I've found my kind of people, my kindred spirits. And this week's New Word Wednesday is all about them, for today's word — one I don't use nearly often enough but am now determined to — is:

CONGENIAL (kuhn JEEN yuhl, kuhn JEE nee uhl) adj 1 : having the same nature, disposition, or tastes : kindred (congenial companions) 2 a : existing or associated together harmoniously b : pleasant; especially : agreeably suited to one's nature, tastes, or outlook (a congenial atmosphere) c : sociable, genial (a congenial host) 

The congenial visitors to Grandma's Briefs far outnumber the trolls.

—Definition from Mirriam-Webster; use in a sentence from me

Now, my friends, go forth and be congenial.


This week's Grilled Grandma is the epitome of congenial. Head on over to read about Grilled Grandma: Robin and please be congenial to her in return by way of comments, kudos and clicks to her blog. I thank you and I appreciate you, as she surely will, too.

Happy Wednesday!

Today's question:

When saying congenial, do you prefer pronouncing it "kuhn JEEN yuhl" or "kuhn JEE nee uhl"?