Big whoop

After nearly nine months — an eternity to a toddler — of continual talk about the baby brother he'd soon have, the introduction to the real live thing was rather anticlimactic for Bubby.

All the gadgets in Mommy's hospital room proved far more interesting than the little bundle of joy.

Though there was a wee bit of interest.

Even more so in Mommy's bracelet, it appears.

Bubby offered one sweet pose...

...then he was off, done, ready to hit the road.

What more can you expect from a nearly three-year-old...especially one itching to head back to GiGi's, his paternal great grandma, where he received the royal spoiling treatment while Mommy and Daddy tended to baby brother delivery and duties.

Photos courtesy of Preston.

Today's question:

Who spoils you most? And whom do you most spoil?