Hero with a side of sass

Bubby, at three years old, is heavily into make believe and pretend play. Especially when it comes to being a garbage man, police man, or firefighter — his heroes.

In light of that, I purchased Bubby a "big brother gift" of hero hats to go along with the "little brother gift" of a tummy-time mat for Mac. Not surprisingly, there were no "garbage man" hats to be found, but I did find a police man hat and a fire chief hat (the latter with lights and annoying as cuss sound).

Apparently, it takes attitude to be a hero, and Bubby wears the hero attitude as well as he wears the hero hats:

I especially like the "You-gotta-be-joking-with-that-lame-excuse" look from the cop in the lower left. I've seen that one before — only not on Bubby, unfortunately.

Considering all the practice, Bubby clearly will one day be a hero to be reckoned with.

Today's question:

What line of work do you consider heroic?