Making the sale

Grandmothers teach their grandchildren myriad life lessons and help provide them with plenty of tools for survival and success. Advertising acumen isn't one of those lessons and tools that first comes to mind when considering such lessons and tools, but that's exactly what Penny, this week's Grilled Grandma, recently passed along to her grandson. Or was it her grandson that taught Penny a thing or two about making the sale? You be the judge, based on Penny's response to my request to name a recent time a grandchild made her laugh out loud:

My grandchildren were helping me with a garage sale a few weeks ago. I told them to make signs to attract customers. The 7 year old, taped a sign on an old door I was selling. “$7.00 – cough up the cash.” We sold it, and he earned $1 for advertising.

Penny's grandchildren are clearly a hoot, as is their grandma. Read of this special family in Grilled Grandma: Penny. Then be sure to head on over to Penny's blog for a hefty serving of chuckles, heavily seasoned and sweetened with insight and love only a dedicated mother and grandmother could dish out.

Today's question:

What has been one of your more noteworthy garage-sale purchases or sales?