Big three

Over the weekend, Bubby had his first of several celebrations scheduled for marking his third birthday. What a remarkable year it has been, filled with fun and firsts as he moved from toddler hood to the big three.

Bubby had his first move to a new home, this one with a dedicated playroom:

Bubby, Mommy, and Daddy had their first real family vacation, to Sea World:

He colored Easter eggs for the first time:

He had his tonsils and adenoids removed:

And he got his very first big-boy bike:

Through all that, he attended his very first full school year of preschool:

Then summer arrived, and Bubby took his very first swim lessons:

But the biggest change of all for Bubby as he transitioned from age two to age three, was going from being an only child to a being a big brother. All indications are that he'll do just fine:

Happy birthday to my incredible Big B! May your third year be the best yet!

Photos: Thank you to Megan for letting me steal most from her Facebook page!

Today's question:

What has been the highlight of your past 365 days?