Lisa with an S

Liza Minnelli may be a incredible performer, but I've never really been a fan of hers. I have to say, I loved her mother so much more. There is one particular performance of Liza's that sticks in my head, though, and it goes like this:


Seeing that performance for the first time as an impressionable adolescent named Lisa, it stuck in my head. It's still stuck in my head and it crosses my mind often. In fact, it was the earworm in my head the entire time I formatted this week's Grilled Grandma feature, so I figured there's no better way to introduce her than with that video. Because this week's Grilled Grandma's name is ... wait for it ... Lisa. Not Liza, but Lisa. Just like mine.

So here, for your entertainment, is Grilled Grandma: Lisa. With an S. It goes SSS, not ZZZ. And I think you'll like it. And I know you'll like what she has to say about being a grandma to her lovely granddaughters.

Today's question:

If you were magically given the opportunity to attend a performance from one or the other during their prime, would you rather attend a concert by Liza Minnelli or by Judy Garland?