Giggling and grilling

I believe I've mentioned that I'm not really much of an LOL person, especially when reading things on the computer. I may snicker or smile, but LOLs are rare.

Every once in a while, though, I truly do LOL. This week's Grilled Grandma, Maryann, made me do just that with her response to my prompt of, "Describe a recent time when one (or more) of your grandchildren made you laugh out loud."

Here's what she said:

My grandchildren are always saying or doing something that makes me laugh. Most recently, while in church for Easter, my 3-year-old grandson was listening to the pastor speak about Jesus (this surprised us that he WAS listening!). The Pastor mentioned that Jesus died for our sins. My youngest grandson turned to his mother and shouted, "Jesus DIED???!!! When did THAT happen??" Of course, we were all trying to stop from laughing out loud. 

LOLs all around, for sure!

You'll find more to laugh about — plus some other awful sweet sentiments — in Grilled Grandma: Maryann. Please check it out and pass along some comment love to this delightful grandma.

Today's question:

Certain people in my life do make me LOL each and every time I'm around them. Who in your life most often makes you LOL?