Pint-sized patient


Now that it's over, per Megan's request that I wait until it's done, I can now tell you that Bubby made it safely through his tonsil and adenoid surgery yesterday. Although originally scheduled to spend one night at the hospital (with Mommy) because he's so young, Bubby did such an awesome job of recovering quickly that he got to go home mere hours after the surgery. After he got his promised ice cream, of course.

I'll be flying to the desert tomorrow to help out with nursing-and-popsicle-serving duty during the hours Mommy and Daddy have to be at work. While I'd be thrilled to rock and hold him as he recuperates, if needed, I'd be even more thrilled if Bubby bounced right back to 100 percent and we could be out and about hunting down javelinas during my visit.

Whatever his condition, I can't wait to see the brave little guy.

Graphic: Wikimedia Commons

Today's question:

Raise your hand if you've ever seen a javelina. If not, what's the most unusual animal you've ever encountered outside of a zoo?