Responsibility waived

Like many bloggers, I receive countless e-mail press releases. Every day, my inbox is stuffed full of information on products, events, causes, and points to ponder or panic about.

Most of the press releases relate to matters of parenting. I get them because PR folks cast a wide net instead of doing their job and researching the folks they target many non-grandma marketers believe that mothers and grandmothers have the same interests and concerns when it comes to children.

I've recently received information on:

• Internet safety programs

• College financial aid handbooks and assistance

• Theft of children's social security numbers

• Proper nutrition for adolescents

• Fitness center memberships for families

• Homework helpers and student enrichment

• Plush hats with pocket for ice packs to soothe bumped heads

• Fun-in-the-sun travel packages with childcare available at participating hotels

• The latest "snotsucker" for kids (Honest! That's what it was called in the press release!)

That's just a sampling of the information. And what have I done with all that information? I've hit the delete button. On all those above and more. Lots more.

Much of the info I receive is worthy and interesting; my deletion of it isn't due to lack of interest. It's due to lack of responsibility. Because as a grandma, responsibility for oh-so-many matters no longer lies with me. Thankfully.

As a grandma, I don't have to monitor nutrition or Internet safety. There's no need for me to search for childcare options, plan college funds (although I'm happy to add to one), or struggle to keep my child's identity safe and secure. I'm not required to figure out ways to get homework done without full-blown battles. Most of all, I don't have to suck snot out of babies.

Nope, I'm not responsible for any of the day-in-day-out tasks required of a parent.

And that, my friends, is yet another one of the many awesome things about being a grandparent: We reap many rewards but bear little responsibility.

I simply can't think of a better position than that.

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Today's question:

What is one of the awesome things about your current position — as grandparent, parent, working gal, high-wire acrobat or otherwise?