Grandma's big boy

As Megan and Preston further introduce Bubby to the concept of being a big boy—a big brother—they last week graduated him from his trike to a big boy bike. With training wheels, of course.

Luckily they purchased a helmet to go along with the bike. Bubby's still figuring out how to work the big boy brakes, and Megan reports that there certainly would have been a hospital visit over the weekend if not for the now-scuffed helmet.

In addition to working on braking, Bubby also has yet to master taking turns a little less tight. One particularly tight turn resulted in a tumble off the bike. Megan said Bubby stood up, shook it off, then climbed right back on, exclaiming, "I still learning."

Let's hope Bubby has the same determination and consideration for the learning curve when it comes to officially graduating from "one and only" to "big brother" status. Time will soon tell.

Photo courtesy of Megan.

Today's (unrelated) question:

If you could give anonymous advice to any one person, to whom would you give it and what would it be?