A Grilled Grandma and a Bubby update

As many of you know, I'm still on assistant nurse duty with Bubby, so although I'm short on words for this week's Grilled Grandma because of time, I'm long on adoration for this interesting grandma. She's a lovely woman with two equally lovely granchildren. Her name is Olga and you can learn a bit about her in her grilling, and even more about her on her very own blog.

Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Grilled Grandma: Olga!

In other news, Bubby is recuperating nicely. He's not yet at 100 percent, but he'll get there soon, surely due in part to the kindness of virtual strangers — you awesome readers of Grandma's Briefs — keeping him in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you all!

Today's question:

Bubby's been eating a lot of popsicles and ice cream the last few days. What's your favorite frozen treat?