Wherein I (again) admit my jealousy of a Grilled Grandma

We're all friends here, so I feel safe in admitting that I can be a jealous grandma, have admitted before I'm a jealous grandma. Of other grandmas, in particular. Especially those grandmas who get to see their grandchildren on a regular basis.

This week's Grilled Grandma, Jules, is one of those grandmas of whom I'm jealous, but for more reasons than just her proximity to her grandkids. Although that tops the list.

Here are the top three reasons I'm jealous of the incredibly sweet and lovely Jules:

1. Her answer to my question of how often she gets to see her grandchildren: "Since we all have homes on the same 100 acres, I am fortunate to see them every day. I am so blessed to have them so close." I would love to be blessed in such a way!

2. She's an awesome photographer with incredible Photoshop skills! Take a look at her blog — and the grilling photos — and you'll see what I mean. (The link to her blog is included at the bottom of her grilling.)

3. Her smile. Jules has got to have the most winning smile of any grandma I've met. Or not met. Or grilled. Or not grilled. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Read Grilled Grandma: Jules to see that Jules is just as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside. And, like I said, be sure to click over to her blog to get an expanded view of her awesome photos and learn more about her and her just as awesome family.

Today's question:

What do you consider your best feature? And YES, you have at least one, so don't be modest.