The Saturday Post: 'Drowned' edition

On this date in 1965, The Who made their first radio appearance on the BBC lunchtime feature, "The Joe Loss Pop Show." Forty-six years later, they're still rocking ... hard ... with their most recent appearance being at "A Concert for Killing Cancer" in January.

The Who, according to Wikipedia, have sold nearly 100 million records, racked up 27 top forty singles, and had 17 top ten albums. Of all the music output by the band members, either as a group or solo, one of my favorites — and there are many — is Pete Townshend's solo performance of "Drowned" at The Secret Policeman's Ball in 1979. I played the album, this song in particular, again and again and again while pregnant with and just after having Megan. I loved the lyrics. And Pete's vocals. And his awesome guitar skills.

Sometimes I forget how much I still do.

Today's question:

What are some of your favorites by The Who?