15 things I look forward to as a grandma

As a relatively new grandma — and a long-distance one at that — I often feel like I've yet to get the full grandma experience. I've not yet had the joy of many activities, events and more that I hear about from other grandmas.

Typical grandma happenings I've heard about, that I look forward to experiencing include (but are far from limited to):

• Pre-holiday activities with the grandchildren: coloring Easter eggs, carving Jack-o-lanterns, trimming the Christmas tree.

• Attending school programs.

• "Thank you, Gramma" phone calls, e-mails, cards.

• Impromptu visits to Gramma's house.

• Working together in Gramma's pumpkin patch.

• Taking a youngster shopping for the perfect gift for Mom and Dad.

• Grandparents Day at school.

• Being introduced by a grandchild to his or her friends.

• Grandma camp.

• Picnics.

• Scary stories in the dark.

• Family vacations.

• Stargazing.

• Artwork to display on Gramma's fridge.

• Phone calls just to say "hello."

I've had incredible visits and awesome moments with Bubby. He's touched my heart like nothing before. I'm just eager for more. I look forward to more — from him and from all my grandchildren I've yet to meet.

Today's question:

What are you looking forward to, personally, professionally or otherwise?