Before or After?

I've learned from the comments here and from visiting the blogs of others that we're all very similar. On the big things. Such as love of family, commitment to hearth and home, and the desire to be the best we can be for those around us as well as for ourselves.

But what about the little things?

Just for kicks, I've created a brief quiz to see how how alike we are ... or not ... on mundane matters, the things that don't really matter at all.

BEFORE or AFTER? (my answers in parentheses):

Do you ...

1. Eat BEFORE or AFTER exercising in the morning? (Before)

2. Wash your whites BEFORE or AFTER your darks or colors? (After)

3. Add your cream and/or sugar — if you use it — BEFORE or AFTER pouring in coffee? (Before)

4. Floss BEFORE or AFTER brushing your teeth? (After)

5. Dust BEFORE or AFTER vacuuming? (I like to do it after, but it depends on if Jim has completed his chore of vacuuming.)

6. Turn off your bedroom light BEFORE or AFTER you've gotten into bed at night? (After)

7. Check Facebook BEFORE or AFTER checking your e-mail in the morning? (After the Grandma's Briefs e-mail, before my personal e-mail.)

8. Put on socks BEFORE or AFTER you put on your pants? (Before)

9. Feed the dogs BEFORE or AFTER you feed the cats? (Before)

10. Put on your deodorant BEFORE or AFTER you're dressed? (Before)

11. Go through your junk mail — USPS mail — BEFORE or AFTER the personal mail? (Before. I go through the stack, divide into piles, pitch the junk, then open the ones that matter.)

12. Read the Sunday newspaper inserts/ads BEFORE or AFTER the newspaper? (I read Parade before the paper. I'm trying to avoid the ads, for the sake of my budget.)

13. When having fruit with your breakfast cereal, do you add fruit to the bowl BEFORE or AFTER the cereal? (Before)

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Today's question:

How about you? Answer any or all. Plus, any other BEFORE or AFTER questions to add?