5 'About' pages: Meet the grandparents

Like most blog readers, if I like what I read when I first visit a blog, I usually click on the 'About' page to find out more about the blogger. The About page can be the tipping point that converts me from a one-time visitor to a regular reader ... if they do it right, if they interest me in what's to come.

Here are five grandparent bloggers who, in this grandma's opinion, do their About pages right:

Living On The Other Side Of The Hill — Fave lines from Southern Lady: My twins daughters are Blue Moon and Guinness. (Besides liking sweet tea, they are beer lovers thus their names on here).  My son and his wife will be referred to as Video Man and Surrie Belle and my grandson is The Tater Tot.

Finding Direction: The Windvane ChroniclesFave lines from Dee: Dee is what most people call me today, except for those younger, which now includes about 99% of the population of the earth, I think some days.

SandwichINK — Fave lines from Kaye: I am a self-proclaimed news junkie and love to learn what's new for all of us dealing the the various Sandwich Generation issues.

Nana's Corner — Fave lines from Nana: My husband and I dated for three weeks (I was away visiting my sister for the 2nd week which was Christmas) and then he proposed on New Year’s Day. We were married 10 months later. Our parents thought it would never last. That was 37 years ago.

Grandma Stories — Fave lines from Grandma: I also at times will discuss the importance of setting and maintaining respectful boundaries with our children and grand kids, because our role and responsibilities as grandparents isn’t quite the same as they were when raising our own children.

These grandparents do it up right not only in their About pages, but in their blogs, too. I urge you to stop by and meet them.

If you know of an engaging "About" page -- your own or someone else's, on any topic -- send it my way. I just may highlight it in a future "About pages" feature.

Oh, and if you've not yet seen it, here's my very own About page.

Please note: There are oodles of awesome grandparenting blogs out there but I've chosen here to focus on folks who have not (yet) been featured as a Grilled Grandma and those who are not on Blogger as Blogger doesn't allow for separate "About" pages. All who blog are awesome; these two parameters were just how I limited today's list.

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Today's question:

What is one interesting thing about you that most people wouldn't know upon first meeting you (experiences, hobbies, abilities, etc)?