Straight from Italy ... and Trinidad

This week's Grilled Grandma, Mary, leads one of the most interesting lives of all the grandmas I've grilled. Mary is from the US, then she moved to Antigua several years ago. She now lives in the loveliest of places in Italy. And she visits her daughter, son-in-law and two gorgeous grandchildren in Trinidad, where she hikes near waterfalls and eats bananas straight from the tree. Oh, how glorious it sounds!

Mary leads a blessed life and humbly acknowledges her bountiful blessings. She's a lovely woman I'm honored to introduce to you in Grilled Grandma: Mary. After reading her grilling, head right over to Mary's blog (linked at the bottom of her grilling) to read all about the wonder-filled life she leads ... and loves ... and shares with the rest of us through fantastic photos and heartfelt posts. Enjoy!

Today's question:

Which would you most like to visit: Antigua, Italy, or Trinidad? Or is there another destination that tops your list?