The Saturday Post: Esther Hoffman Howard edition

Like I said yesterday, this is the weekend of love ... supposedly. So what better to share today than one of my all-time favorite romantic movies: A Star is Born. The 1976 version. With oh-so-hot Kris Kristofferson and the afro-coiffed Barbra Streisand.

I saw this movie in the theater as a young teen, and the soundtrack was the very first soundtrack album I ever purchased. Forget my incredible disappointment upon learning that a "soundtrack" doesn't include the spoken words of the movie, just the songs. Nevertheless, my friend Norma and I played this album so many times it's a wonder the grooves didn't wear away. We swooned and sang our hearts out. I loved Barbra, so wanted to be Barbra, specifically to be Barbra as Esther Hoffman Howard.

Although I no longer care much for Ms. Streisand -- especially her Mother Fokker movie roles -- I still love her in A Star is Born, still love the soundtrack, still know every word to every song. (And still swoon a bit as I sing them). So today, on this Saturday of the weekend o' love, I share with you ...

"Ladies and gentlemen, Esther ... Hoffman ... Howard" (I couldn't find a clear video that included that ever-important announcement proclaimed in a deep, somber voice from the concert announcer):

Today's question:

What is your all-time favorite romantic movie?