Decking the halls: Like mother, like daughters

I've got my tree up and the stockings hung by the chimney with care:

As does my oldest daughter, Brianna:

As does my middle daughter, Megan:

As for my youngest daughter, Andrea, I've yet to see what she's done. No rush though: Andie always has and always will do things in her own time, in her own way. That's the magic of Andie.

That said, I have no doubt Andie will have her tree up and photos sent long before I finish the rest of the holiday decorating I've yet to do. But at least my tree is done. That's what I keep telling myself...despite the numerous Santas, holiday village, nativity scene figures, candles for the windows and more in boxes scattered around the house, just waiting to be placed (and just out of frame of my photo above!).

Like I said, at least my tree is done ... At least my tree is done ... At least my tree is done ... At least my tree is done ...

Today's question:

What holiday decorating have you completed...and what do you have left to do?