Unexpected Christmas cheer

The other night I searched Netflix instant streaming for something festive to watch on TV as I wrapped gifts in front of it. I found a British comedy called Nativity! that looked appropriately festive, so Jim and I gave it a shot, figuring we could always just shut it off if we hated it.

We definitely did not hate it! Quite the opposite. In fact, immediately upon it ending I added it to my list of all-time favorite Christmas movies to watch each and every year—and used my iPhone to order a DVD of it from Amazon right then and there to ensure we'd always have it.

You know the feeling you get watching that silly but sweet scene in Love, Actually when David (Hugh Grant) is knocking on doors throughout a neighborhood in search of Natalie (Martine McCutcheon) and at one door, three charming young girls inside gleefully dance to the carol they request the Prime Minister and his driver sing? Well, that is how this entire movie feels.

If you have time before Christmas, I urge you to watch Nativity!. If you don't have time, watch it after the holiday—I can pretty much guarantee you'll find it just as delightful.

Today's question:

What holiday film or program did you most recently watch?