Little (non)sucker

I have never known a baby who doesn't know how to suck. More specifically, how to suck a binky. Until now.

Baby Mac doesn't know how to suck a pacifier, how to keep a pacifier in his mouth. It's not for lack of wanting to suck as he's constantly looking for something to pacify himself, constantly seeming like the only thing that would soothe him is the magical plug that worked so well on his brother. 

And it's definitely not for lack of trying on Megan and Preston's part; they have clearly offered more than a few styles of binky to their baby:

Being the all-knowing mother and grandmother I've convinced myself I am, I figured that Megan and Preston were just suckers for the newfangled fancy binkies and all Baby Mac needed were the old kind, the real kind.

So yesterday I bought him a pack of the old-time bulbous pacifiers. The ones my girls grew up on, the ones they loved, the ones that required no training on how to keep the darn things in their mouths.

See the white and blue old-timey pacifier to the far right in the photo above? That's Gramma's addition to the binky collection. Gramma's addition that was rebuffed, just like all those newfangled ones Mommy and Daddy had tried before.

Seems Gramma's a sucker, too, right along with Mommy and Daddy.

Baby Mac, on the other hand, clearly is not.

Today's fill-in-the-blank:

I'm a sucker when it comes to ______________.