Ranking the holiday fare

Yay, it's two days til Thanksgiving! Because I'm lazy as <cuss> busy as all get out today and figured you'd be, too, I figured a simple Tuesday post would be best.

My simple plan? To rank the traditional holiday fare in order of what I enjoy most, then request that you all do the same. A simple, silly diversion of sorts. Are you game?

(Oh, and just for the record: The photo above of Baby Mac has absolutely nothing to do with this post. But he's so cute hugging his Papa Smurf that I couldn't resist sharing it.)

Here goes...

Thanksgiving fare traditionally on my table and how I rank my enjoyment of each (with 1 being most favorite of all):

1. real mashed potatoes with turkey gravy

2. stuffing (or dressing, if that's what you prefer to call it)

3. cold pumpkin pie with heaps o' whipped cream

4. turkey—light and dark for the meal, plus some skin; light with lots of salt and mayo on turkey sandwiches the day after

5. cherry pie...chocolate cream pie...and (maybe, as it's a new offering this year) caramel apple pie

6. cheesy corn casserole

7. deviled eggs

8. homemade rolls

9. green bean casserole

10. whole cranberry sauce

Did you notice the omission of sweet potatoes/yams? That's because I don't like them. At all.

Hungry yet? Not it's your turn...!

Today's question:

How would you rank your traditional Thanksgiving fare, in 1-10 order of what you love best?