Two Bubby tales


The first, wherein Bubby marvels at Gramma's appetite:

Bubby doesn't eat. Well, more accurately, he eats like a three-year-old. Which he is, so it's not all that surprising. Because the little peanut doesn't eat enough to grow up big and strong, Megan regularly includes in his morning meal a Danimals Smoothie strawberry yogurt drink to ensure he gets at least a smidgen of protein and more to start his day.

When Bubby visited last month, I was in charge of getting him his breakfast, which meant I was in charge of pulling the foil cover, just like those on many yogurt cups, off the top of his "strawberry juice," as he calls it.

My kids never had such things when they were little, and I was curious what made the drink so appealing to Bubby, the hater of all things nutritious. So as Bubby waited for his drink, I tore off the cover and lifted the foil to my lips to lick it for a sample.

Bubby's eyes grew big, his jaw dropped, and he snarled up his nose as he asked in the most-serious of tones, "Do you eat garbage, Gramma?"

* * * * *

The second, in Megan's words, wherein Bubby reveals sweet adoration of GG, his paternal great-grandma:

We were leaving the grocery store and Bubby was in the cart saying, "God?.....God?......God?.....Mom why isn't He talking to me?!"

I was caught off guard and answered, "Well, sometimes you just have to listen really hard. Why, what did you want to talk to him about?"

Bubby replied, "I want to ask him to make GG a little girl."

"Oh yeah, how come?"

"Because I want you to take care of her and be her mommy and she can go to my class at school and we can play together."

* * * * *

Today's question:

What did you have for breakfast today? Any garbage on the menu?