Wherein Gramma wears out her grandsons

Yesterday was the first full day of Bubby and Baby Mac's visit to Gramma and PawDad's. Travel doing what it does to folks both young and old, I didn't plan a whole lot for us to do on Monday so the boys would have plenty of time to recover and be well rested for the fun scheduled for the duration of their visit.

So we took it easy Monday...or so I thought.

After our one and only outing for the day—a trip to the mall play area where Mommy showed off her sweeties to the mother of the boys (now nearly young men) she babysat for many years—this was the condition of the little travelers in Gramma's back seat once we arrived home:

Wonder what shape the boys will be in after today's surely exhausting visit to the North Pole.

Today's question:

Are you a morning person or a night owl?