Hug-ease for boys

Hugging our favorite boys is one of the highlights for PawDad, Aunt B, Aunt Andie and myself each time we have the pleasure of seeing Bubby and Baby Mac.

When they visited last month, the hugging went far beyond just our little clan, though, as the boys were blessed with abundant squeezes from extended family and more.

Bubby and Baby Mac appreciated—or, in some cases, at least endured out of obligation—the hugs from each and every hugger. It was pretty darn clear, though, that Great Aunt Debbie was their favorite hugger of all, the one with whom they were most at ease:

While I don't like to play favorites in any way, I must agree with their assessment: My sister Debbie is indeed one of the very best huggers around.

Today's question:

If you could hug only one person today, who is most in need of your hug?