The Saturday Post: Her Channel edition

Those of you who "like" Grandma's Briefs on Facebook may already know this. Those who "follow" Grandma's Briefs on Twitter may already know this. And those of you who are super astute site visitors may already know this, too. But since some of you may not be any of the above -- or don't know exactly what it means even after having previously heard it -- I'm here to tell you my big news of the week.

The news is that I recently signed on as a distribution partner with Her Channel, "the premier online video network dedicated to delivering high-quality lifestyle programming to a scaled women's audience." Woot-woot! What that means is that by clicking on one of the category tabs at the very top left of any Grandma's Briefs page -- the tabs labeled My Videos, Food, Health, and Women's Issues -- you'll have instant access to videos on a variety of topics by some of the top movers and shakers in the blogosphere.

(One note: Just because the videos are intended for a "women's audience" doesn't mean the males in the crowd won't enjoy them ... especially if you like to cook ... or if you want to know what the female in your life is really thinking.)

The categories are pretty self-explanatory, except maybe for the My Videos tab. That one, my friends, is the very special tab that leads directly to the Grandma's Briefs Her Channel Page, where you'll find the grand collection of videos that have run or will soon run on Grandma's Briefs. (Along with a photo of me trying really hard to look serious yet grandmotherly and fun, warm and welcoming. Sheesh ... the pressure!)

Clicking on each drop down category tab will provide you three video options. Click and watch one of those ... or click the category title or "more" to be taken to all the videos in that category offered by Her Channel. The three featured options in each category tab will change every couple of days, so be sure to check back often.

Just to start you off -- and to show you that these are well-made videos, not your typical run-of-the-YouTube-mill offerings -- I've featured two I found especially appealing below. Watch one or both, then feel free to click away on the categories above ... or head on over to the Grandma's Briefs Her Channel Page to work your way through all the current offerings.

This first one I like because it shows the quality of the videos available. And because the featured recipe was the drink of choice when my department at the newspaper was cut a little over two years ago and I hosted a pity farewell party for my former crew.


I like this next video because it's perfectly appropriate for the baby-name-choosing phase Megan and Preston are currently in as they try to come up with a real name for my second grandson, the little guy I've come to call Birdy. Watching it made me chuckle as the parameters of their name choosing fit exactly what the pro says parents are currently doing when choosing names for little boys.


This is just a small, small sampling of all the videos to be had. So go forth and stream, my friends!

As for me, I'm off to watch once again the Fish Taco recipe in the Food category. It just might be what we're having for dinner tonight.

Today's question:

Other than fish, what's your favorite ingredient to add to a fish taco?