Grilling grandmas and taking notes

I have a small handmade book I keep on my desk. It's a beautiful blank book, made and given to me by a dear friend.* On the pages of the miniature memento I record quotes, thoughts, sayings that speak to my heart. Yesterday, I added a few new ones to it.

The new points to ponder came from this week's Grilled Grandma, Linda. Her responses to my grilling questions included several seemingly simple statements that speak wisely to the ever-complicated role of grandma. That role is made even more challenging for Linda as she's yet another grandparent whose grandchildren live in her home, blurring the line between master of ceremonies, good times and celebrations and "mom."

Linda treads the line lightly and lovingly -- yet effectively -- and I'd venture to say it's because of ideas and adages such as these she offered up in her grilling, these I added to my special book:

"Mean people suck but you can ignore or laugh at their ignorance and that irreverence, in the right context, is the only way to roll."

"Life is terminal not serious."

"This kind of love is so precious it should be bottled and given to every soul on the planet…all problems would simply disappear. That is the power of this love."

That's just a smidgen of the sage sentiments from Grilled Grandma: Linda. Read her grilling then visit her blog (a link is at the bottom of her grilling). And if you have a special spot for recording words of wisdom and points to ponder, I urge you to write down a few from Linda ... she has lots to share, lots to spare.

(*Sadly, I've lost touch with that dear friend. You know who you are, and if you're reading this, drop me a line.)

Today's (unrelated in any way) question:

How many unpleasant incidents in one day does it take for you to label it "a bad day"?