I wanna be HGTV'd

I'm a fan of HGTV. My favorite designers are the ever-awesome, ever-cool Antonio and the creative and lovely Genevieve. Time and again, Jim and I talk about how we'd love to have one of them -- or any of the HGTV designers ... or Josh Temple or Ahmed Hassan -- come to our house and make over our basement. (Although we usually add that it would be best if it were anyone but Antonio because we are so uncool that his coolness would make us uncomfortable and seem like nothing but blithering idiots in his presence).

Apparently a lot of other folks feel the same way we do about wanting HGTV to come to their house and fix it up. HGTV obviously knows its viewers ooh and aah and pine to be next, so they've created a show in which regular folks can be, as they call the show, HGTV'd.

Yes, I want to be HGTV'd, so I put in my bid. Meaning I posted a video of our bizarre and dysfunctional basement and asked HGTV to pretty, pretty please HGTV me/us/our space.

Because I've revealed my basement -- and my voice and more -- online for strangers to see, and because I spent far too much of my day editing the video down by two-thirds to fit the HGTV'd parameters and no longer had time to write a decent post for Grandma's Briefs I thought it only right to show you, my friends, the same. Actually, because you are my friends, I figured I'd show you more.

So here is the unedited version of my HGTV'd submission, complete with references to my creepy wallpaper and a moment when I nearly bit it on our marble-lined patio. Consider it something like the "director's cut" on DVD special features. You know, the long, rambling versions that make you say, "Yeah, I can see why the other version was what made it to the theater."

Here's my director's cut, er, non-cut:


After watching that ten-freakin-minutes-long video, if you'd like to see the not-very-well edited version I submitted -- and comment or rate my offering, which would make me very happy -- check out my official "Mismatched Mish-Mash" entry for HGTV'd (it takes a minute to load; I think LOTS of folks want to be HGTV'd).

Then wish me luck. Because I really wanna be HGTV'd.

Go ahead, I won't blame you if you call this the laziest post I've ever published on Grandma's Briefs. In fact, I concur.

Today's question:

If you were to be HGTV'd, what would you most like done?