Life is GRAND

You may have noticed the header I've posted above for the past few days noting my good news. If you did notice that header (which no longer touts my good news) you will already know most of what I'm about to tell you.

The good news is ...



Grandma's Briefs was named one of the Top 12 GRANDparent Blogs in GRAND Magazine's Best of the Web 2010!



I'm honored to be included among some of the sweetest, brightest, most interesting and talented grandmas in the blogosphere. I'm even more honored that six of the Top 12 are grandmas I've featured as Grilled Grandmas right here on Grandma's Briefs! (Heads up: I hope to soon grill those in the Top 12 that haven't yet been subjected to my grilling.)

But the badges and glories go not only to me. (And this is the part you don't know about, even if you did read the header I ran for the past few days.) For all my readers, I have, courtesy of GRAND Magazine in recognition of my fancy pants designation, a one-year complimentary subscription to GRAND Magazine! That's 12 issues -- a $19.95 value -- for FREE just because you read this little blog o' mine. How to claim it? Well, all you gotta do is click right here:

Before you click away, though, I have one more thing to say: I'm very honored to have been named one of GRAND Magazine's Top 12. But I'm even more honored that each and every one of you come back here again and again to read, comment, and become part of my home on the Internet. Without you, there certainly would not be a Grandma's Briefs. So thank you!

Now go get your free subscription!