Grilled Grandmas: The next generation

This week's Grilled Grandma feature highlights the mother of one of my previous Grilled Grandmas. I'm honored to have now grilled two sensational -- as well as beautiful -- generations from the same family.

(Of course, I did grill my own mother and my grandmother, but that's different.)

So here I give you Grilled Grandma: Billie and some of the interesting tidbits you'll learn about this active great-grandmother by reading her grilling:

1. As I mentioned, Billie is the mother of a previous Grilled Grandma. Any guesses as to who that former Grilled Grandma is?

2. Why were a vehicle's taillights once "the best thing" for Billie to see?

3. Who are the "outlaws" in Billie's family?

Once you're done reading of Billies' outlaws and more, take a moment to check out her website, mentioned at the bottom of her grilling.

Today's question:

Speaking of outlaws, what is one of the more unusual or interesting connections on your family tree?

My answer: Supposedly I'm somehow connected, on my dad's side of the family, to the founders of Yale University. In which case, I think I -- and my children -- should have been granted guaranteed admission with free tuition. Sounds reasonable, don't ya think?