Looking back on summer, wanderlust has grabbed hold of my soul. Other than two splendid visits with Bubby, I didn't do much of anything exciting or noteworthy over the summer.

That makes me crazy. I want new experiences, new challenges, new memorable moments.

Bottom line: I want to travel.

And, oh, the places I would go. I want to picnic in Central Park. I want to search for sea glass along the coast. I want to ride a gondola through the canals of Bruges. I want to take a whale-watching cruise to Alaska.

Then I saw this video from a cruise ship security camera:

Um, scratch the cruise.

But Bruges? Gondolas in Bruges are definitely still on the list. I doubt the waters get too rough in the canals. Even if they do, I'm pretty darn sure even this outta-shape grandma could jump to safety.

Now that would be a memorable moment!

Today's question:

What is one of the memorable moments from your summer vacation?