Grilling up an old friend

There's much to be said about old friends. Not old in terms of age, but in terms of being part of one's life a long time. This week's Grilled Grandma, Terri, is an old friend. And I have much to say about her.

Thing is, Terri hasn't actually been part of my life for nearly 20 years -- well, except for the exchanging of Christmas cards. Then Facebook brought us together again, and I'm oh-so glad.

Terri has always been one of my favorite people. She's also been the source of many memorable, off-the-wall compliments (she's just sweet that way). One I still think of often has to do with my daughters. Terri and my sister lived together and they offered to babysit the girls once when Jim won tickets to a concert. The prize package included a limo ride to the show. The limo arrived at the house to pick us up, but we asked the driver if he could first take the girls -- who were under the age of 10 -- for a spin around the block for their first limo experience. Terri and my sister went along with them. When they returned from their luxury ride, Terri commented that she was just amazed by how the girls converse with one another. She thought it was so cool Brianna, Megan and Andrea had a real conversation. With each other. Like little adults. I don't know why, but that struck me as funny -- and flattering that she thought my girls were interesting little conversationalists.

That's how Terri is: always flattering ... but in a unique way, saying unique things folks don't typically say. Now I'm flattered that my old friend and grandma let me grill her up here on Grandma's Briefs. In typical Terri fashion, she has a unique way of expressing her love and admiration for her grandchildren. They are so blessed to have her. Read what she has to say about the grandparenting experience in Grilled Grandma: Terri.

Today's question:

Who have you recently reconnected with thanks to Facebook?