Farewell, summer!

Yesterday I stumbled upon -- and posted -- photographic evidence of how wacky my neighbors are. I came upon that photo while searching for photos for a collage of some shots I took around the yard this summer.

Here is that collage:

As we head into fall -- my favorite season -- these are my reminders of how pleasant summer can be, too. Well, minus the 100-plus degree temps, of which I took a photo of the temperature gauge to remind us of the misery we endured due to heat when we're whining and complaining about the cold during the dead of winter.

The photo in the bottom left corner was meant to be a shot of our resident black squirrel meeting up with one of our resident albino squirrels. Unfortunately the white one ran off just as I snapped the photo. Eventually I'll have such a depiction of natural diversity and tolerance to share with you ... once the white squirrel gets a little better about the "tolerance" part of the picture.

The photo in the bottom right corner is a bit difficult to see at that size, but it's a baby robin in a nest in one of our trees on the patio. The nest was visible right from our deck.

In my area, the forecast for this coming weekend makes it ripe for one last fling with the heat -- a glorious hail and farewell to summer!

Today's question:

What will you miss most about summer?