A gran unlike any other

When you hear about a grandma named "Gran," whose the mother to three adult children and has her two grandchildren living with her (along with their mother, too), the picture in your mind likely isn't of a vibrant woman with the most beautiful red hair ever.

Which is why this week's Grilled Grandma, Sherri, is a gran unlike any other! She's all of those things yet just get a load of her picture to the right.

Isn't she gorgeous!?

Of course, there's far more to Sherri than just great hair and a sweet smile. Click over to Grilled Grandma: Sherri to read all about this red-haired grandmother and her adorable -- and funny -- granddaughter and grandson.

Today's question:

If you could have the hair of any celebrity, whose would you choose?

My answer: Susan Sarandon's, hands down.