Introducing the Munchkin-speaking grandma

I recently visited a blog called The Raisin Chronicles. The "About Me" went as follows:

"Dedicated to the proposition that as we get older, we turn into raisins -- a little darker, a little more wrinkled, and, one hopes, a little sweeter. And that anything that looks like a raisin should be covered -- preferably in a good, dark chocolate."

I knew right then and there, this woman had to be grilled. Thus, this week's Grilled Grandma: Jeanne.

Read Jeanne's grilling to find out:

1. What's up with the Munchkin reference? And re-enactments of The Wizard of Oz ... using Pez dispensers?

2. Which cardinal rule of grandparenting does Jeanne admittedly "stink" at?

3. In what way was Jeanne partially responsible for the water hazard at the museum?

Jeanne's a nut and one I'm sure you'll enjoy reading about in Grilled Grandma: Jeanne. But don't stop there -- you'll get an even bigger kick out of her blog. Be sure not to miss it!

Today's question:

For obvious reasons, mentioning Jeanne's blog has me craving Raisinettes. What is your favorite movie theater snack?