Where in the world is this week's Grilled Grandma?

No, this week's Grilled Grandma isn't missing, she just lives in a land far, far away. And like you might with Carmen Sandiego, I urge you, dear readers, to discover where she might be by reading Grilled Grandma: Ronda Kay.

Ronda Kay, the Grilled Grandma in question, sports a unique name, an interesting life. Read her grilling to answer the following three questions ... and to find out why although this grandma is one amongst many I consider her to be quite different from the rest of us:

1. Ronda Kay lives in a land most of us will likely never visit, yet one many of us have read about again and again. Where does she call home?

2. Why does Ronda Kay require a brightly colored spreadsheet to explain where she's sleeping when she visits her grandchildren?

3. What has led Ronda Kay to believe she's lost all common sense?

Yep, she's different. And yep, I bet you'll enjoy reading all about her. Click Grilled Grandma: Ronda Kay for the nitty gritty on this special grandma.

Today's question:

What has been your biggest challenge so far this week?