The next Grilled Grandma

I have to admit that sometimes while doing the Grilled Grandma feature I get a little jealous of the grandmas. This week's grandma, Linda, is no exception.

Why am I jealous of the Grilled Grandmas? It usually has to do with how often the featured grandma gets to see her grandkids. As a long-distance grandma, I wish I could spend more time with Bubby and do the cool things with him that some of the Grilled Grandmas get to do with their grandchildren on a fairly regular basis.

My green-eyed monster reared its head just a teensy tad at reading this comment from Linda:

I have three that come down and they stay a week with me during summer break from school. We try to plan the week out so all of my time is spent just on those three children. Like going to the library or swimming in the pool, just sitting and watching a movie together and just cuddling on my bed.

I know, I know ... Bubby's not even in school yet so lengthy stays with Grandma over summer break aren't in the cards at this point. But it's Megan's summer break from teaching, so I really think she deserves a break from parenting, too, and I know the perfect place Bubby could stay while Megan takes a little time for herself.

Sound like a good plan, Megan?

(It was worth a shot, wouldn't you guys say?)

Linda seems to be a super loving -- and super fun loving! -- grandma, so I'm sure her grandkids look forward to and cherish those summer breaks hanging out with "Maw Maw."

Read Linda's grilling HERE. Then let me know if you have a grandma you'd like to see grilled (even if that's YOU) by e-mailing me her first name and e-mail address. I'm always on the lookout for more grandmas to grill, so feel free to pass along any you can think of.

Today's question:

What's one memory you have of summertime visits to your grandma's house?

My answer: I vividly remember hanging out with groups of cousins at the lake and listening to the older kids tell stories of Indian ghosts that roamed Wisconsin.