MLB, NBA, PGA ... or MLE?

I just gotta say, Bubby is a pretty talented kid. At two years old, he already shows an affinity for sports. He's got a bright future ahead of him, with Dad and Mom figuring the pros will soon be checking him out; recruiters covet left-handers, be it baseball, basketball, golf, and a left-hander my Bubby is.

I say forget the MLB, NBA and PGA, though, because from the looks of things, Bubby just may be in line to be a champion of the MLE. That's Major League Eating, and it's for real.

The MLE recently staged another championship event, with Sunday's Coney Island Fourth of July hot dog eating contest. (That's a link to ESPN, folks. See ... it's a real sport!) Stars of the MLE were there, as was the infamous MLE-resistant renegade: six-time hot-dog eating champ Takeru Kobayashi.

This grandma thinks Kobayashi and all the other championship gobblers better watch their backs as Bubby's gearing up for come pretty serious action. Although Bubby certainly won't be in line to win the title of championship hot-dog eater -- it's hard to practice for that event when Mom (and Grandma!) demand the dogs be sliced and diced before ingesting to prevent choking -- there are a few categories in which Bubby's already hitting it hard.

For starters, Bubby has quite an advantage in the popsicle category, with recent hours under his belt in both the Homemade Popsicle category ...

as well as the Slow-Melt Popsicle category ...

He's becoming quite proficient in the Birthday Cake category, too, with two years of winning rounds to his name ...

Also in the Baked Goods division is the Krispy Kreme Donut category, of which Bubby had his first taste on Grandma's birthday (did you all know Krispy Kreme gives you a FREE dozen donuts on your birthday?) ...

One of Bubby's newest competitive categories is the Bacon & Eggs division. This one he practices with Grandma's version of bacon and eggs, recipe courtesy of Grilled Grandma Judy:

Speaking of sweets, the Sweets category is Bubby's favorite, with the Longest Time Spent With A Pop-Ring Sucker award easily snatched up by Bubby during his recent Splash Pad birthday party:

There's always the chance, of course, that some other food champ will out eat Bubby. But there's one category Bubby definitely dominates, one which no other MLE member can ever take away from him. That would be, without a doubt, the category of Most Adorable Eater Ever!

Today's question:

If you were to be named a Championship Eater, what food would you be the champion of?

My answer: Guacamole! I can eat it anytime, anywhere, any amount. I love guacamole!