The Saturday Post

I received fantastic news yesterday: I'll be flying down to the desert next week to pick up Bubby, fly him home with me, spend several days playing full-time grandma, then accompany him back to the desert ... followed by a flight home by myself back to the mountains.

Shew! That's a lot of flights. But I feel like the heavens have opened and the hallelujah chorus has begun!

The arrangements took a little work, a little (gentle?) coercing of Megan. Letting Bubby fly away with Grandma is a scary undertaking. Leaving him alone in the mountains while Mom and Dad are 819 miles away is scary, too -- even when she knows he'll be safe and happy with Gramma and PawDad. I understand that. Honest.

So it's with unbridled gratitude in my heart that I give Megan sincere thanks ... in song. With little kids doing the thanking. And a young boy dancing just about as enthusiastically as this grandma did when I finally booked the tickets.

Truly, Megan, thank you!