Another grandma's been grilled!

This week's Grilled Grandma is Susan and by reading her grilling, you'll find the answers to these three questions and more:

1. What did Susan's three-year-old granddaughter say upon being exposed to a "filthy" public restroom?

2. What did Susan morph into, which pleases her husband who has said he's too young to sleep with a grandma?

3. How have Susan's children made the job of being a grandma much easier for her?

Read about Grilled Grandma: Susan for her witty responses to my questions as well as photos of her fabulous-looking family.

If you know of a grandma who should be added to the Grilled Grandma menu, don't hesitate in contacting me with her first name and e-mail address. You can even nominate yourself for grilling!

Today's question:

I obviously like to grill grandmas, but what is YOUR favorite thing to grill?