I survived Desert Party 2010

When Megan and Preston moved to the desert, Jim and I told them we would never visit them there in the summer. It's too darn hot, we don't like the heat, we'll gladly stick to the mountains in the summer and visit them in the desert during the winter.

Then they went ahead and had Bubby in June. Meaning Jim and I must visit the desert in the summer if we want to participate in Bubby's birthday celebrations.

Last year, Bubby's first birthday, wasn't so bad. As several babies were in attendance, the party was held indoors, we had air-conditioning. Megan's announcement that his second birthday party would be held at the Splash Pad -- outdoors! -- was cause for concern. Temps in their town hover above the 100-degree mark this time of year, and Jim and I were pretty darn sure we'd die ... even though the party was held at 10 a.m.

Luckily we didn't die during last Saturday's party. In fact, the temperature was low, spirits were high and the party was a great time -- for everyone. Take a look:

Here's hoping Desert Party 2011 will be just as cool ... in terms of temperature and enjoyment!

Today's question:

If you could party with anyone -- living or not, real or imaginary -- who would you most like to celebrate with?

My answer: Ricky Gervais would be my party partner of choice, with Jim along, too, of course. I'm pretty sure he'd make me laugh so hard my ribs would hurt for days.