A sequel better than the original

Back in April, I posted about the mourning doves outside my study window last spring and the unhatched eggs left behind by Mama and Daddy Dove.

Well, the sequel ended on a much happier note.

Mommy and Daddy Mourning Dove arrived to nest once again outside my window about May 18. Here are a few photos of what took place from that date through the time the little ones learned to fly just last week:

Mama starts the process.Ta-dah!

Mama loves her babies!The little ones grow to be big ones ... FAST!The last feeding before Mama tells them they're on their own.The youngsters go it alone -- and do just fine! I know that mourning doves are really just glorified pigeons, but I think they're so darn cool -- especially since they like to nest just a few feet from my desk and were happy to pose for me each time I pointed the camera at them.

Happy Monday!

Today's question:

What are you most looking forward to this week?