Bikes, trikes and big boy beds

Bubby tackled two big milestones this past week: getting his first bike and moving out of the crib and into a big boy bed.

The bike, actually a trike, was a birthday gift from his paternal grandparents.

He's still getting the hang of the coordination for the pedaling, Megan said. But I have no doubt that he'll have it down in no time!

The move from the crib to the big boy bed didn't actually require a move at all, just a conversion of his crib. (Smart designing of cribs nowadays, wouldn't ya say!)

Megan said the first night went fantastic. She told Bubby it was bedtime, he crawled up in place, and he stayed there all night long! There was no crying, no waking in the night, no falling out and bonking his head.

That shouldn't be too surprising, of course, because I've probably mentioned before that Bubby is absolutely perfect!

With the exception, I should add, of the position in which he sleeps!

Today's question:

TGIF! What are your plans for the weekend?