Shy star

When Jim and I arrived at Bubby's house last Thursday night, it was quite late, so other than a quick attempt to wake him from his slumber peek at him sleeping in his big-boy bed, we didn't get to see him until Friday morning.

It was well worth the wait, as Bubby put on quite a show for Grandma and Grandpa when he awoke.

First up was showing us his display of art projects and describing in detail the artistic process of each. Next he explained the plant growing process as his lima beans -- planted the week before -- had grown into jolly green goodness rivaling Jack's beanstalk. Then he topped it all off with a masterful performance of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," sung -- in tune, mind you! -- while he waved his glitter-adorned star glued atop a popsicle stick.

It truly was the sweetest musical performance I've ever seen.

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera in hand so there are no photos, no videos to document it. We spent the rest of our visit hoping to record a repeat performance of Bubby waving his star and singing of its glory.

Here's the very brief (I promise) documentation of our quest:



And finally this, our last-ditch effort as Megan and Preston drove us to the airport:


Seems that some of the most precious things in life come around only once. Luckily, despite our inability to capture Bubby's performance on film, we were able to -- as eight-year-old Megan once cheerfully exclaimed upon viewing an uplifting scene -- "take a picture with our heart."

Today's question:

In what situations are you most shy?

My answer: One-on-one situations. I'd much rather speak to a group of strangers than an individual I don't know very well. Of course, I've never attempted singing to a group or an individual, so in such a circumstance, I may be just as shy -- if not more so -- as Bubby.