The next Grilled Grandma

I gotta be honest with you guys: This week's Grilled Grandma is gaga. Really, truly gaga.

But I'm not just telling tales out of school. You see, Donne, the featured grandma of which I speak, readily admits she's gaga -- gaga over her grandkids!

Yet Donne doesn't hide her gaga-ness away. Instead, she started a society for all the other grandmas who consider themselves gaga. It's called GaGa Sisterhood and you can find out all about it -- even join the gaga group yourself, if you so choose -- on Donne's website, GaGa Sisterhood.

But first, take a gander at Donne's grilling. One look at the photos of her granddaughters and the reason for her being so gaga will be perfectly clear. Those girlies are gorgeous and look to have an abundance of joy in their hearts. You can get to Donne's grilling by clicking right HERE. (Or you can always be a rebel and click the tab on the top of this page, the tab appropriately marked "Grilled Grandmas.")

If you know of a gaga grandma who would be open to a grilling, please send me her first name and e-mail address. I'll contact her in hopes of adding yet another grandma -- or two or twelve -- to the Grilled Grandma schedule.

Today's question:

Donne is gaga for her grandkids. Sonny the Cuckoo Bird is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. What are you simply wild (or gaga or cuckoo) for?

My answer: In addition to being bonkers for Bubby, I'd say I'm pretty much bonkers for books, too. I can't resist them and collect far more than I can ever read. It's a pitiful habit, I must admit.