Do-nothing days

I get a daily dose of awesomeness from the 1000 Awesome Things website. It's an upbeat, positive site and an upbeat, positive way to start my day. Check it out; I don't know how anyone could not like it.

One of the "awesome things" this past week was Do Nothing Days. I do think Do Nothing Days are quite awesome -- in theory. Thing is, I have trouble doing nothing. I feel guilty when I do nothing.

It's not like I'm an incredibly productive person, especially since I have virtually no one to account to but myself. (Well, there's Jim, but he's pretty much okay with anything I do or don't do; for some odd reason he continually thinks I am awesome.) So I could easily take advantage of do-nothing days, those days when there's nothing pressing on the schedule, no meetings, no deadlines, no demands other than those I place on myself.

But that's the problem: I place plenty of demands on myself, things that absolutely must be done, even on do-nothing days.

For one, I must write a blog post every day. Yeah, I know that not everyone who has a blog posts daily, but I told myself from the outset of this venture that I would post every single day, and I'm determined to not let myself down. And believe it or not, sometimes posting is a real chore. Those of you with blogs understand. I love Grandma's Briefs, but sometimes it sure would be nice to not have to post ... or do all the other things that go along with maintaining a blog. Yet I feel obligated to do it, even on do-nothing days.

Then, of course, I really should walk the dogs every day. That should be considered a "do-nothing" activity because it's supposed to be soothing, relaxing, enjoyable. It is, to a certain degree. Kind of. On days when I don't have to worry about rabid fox roaming the neighborhood -- which isn't really all that crazy since there have been reports this past week of rabid fox charging dogs. Which scares the cuss out of me because we have lots of fox in our neighborhood ... and my dogs have lots of power behind them and it would be LOTS of ugly if the two were to tango or tangle or tussle or interact in any way whatsoever. So walking the dogs is a chore, one I feel obligated to do, even on do-nothing days.

When there's nothing major on the schedule, I see those open hours as hours of opportunity, hours that could be filled with writing and editing and cleaning out closets or organizing drawers or practicing piano or sewing up something summery or catching up on all the books I need to review or weeding the entire yard again ... and watering it extra heavily since I have the time and it's been so dry. So many chores, so many things I'd feel obligated to do, especially if I faced a do-nothing day.

Ultimately, I say cuss it! Do-nothing days are not really all that awesome after all. At least not to me. They just make me feel guilty ... and unproductive ... and insane for being so conflicted about something so inane, something most folks would relish.

I'm thinking maybe I should just unsubscribe from 1000 Awesome Things. That, or learn to simply -- and silently -- appreciate the awesome.

Today's question:

What's your most awesome thing from the past week?