The Saturday Post

Let's call this one "Saturday Silliness." But silly usually means fun, right?

There's a website called CODEORGAN that allows you to type in the URL of any website and see what that site "sounds" like when the code is put to music.

So, since I'm sure you all want to know the musicality of my blathering, here for your enjoyment is Grandma's Briefs home page by organ, courtesy of CODEORGAN (just hit the "Play this page" button):

A little too jazzy for my taste, but fun just the same.

I spent some time typing in each of the pages of my site, just to see what they sound like. Interestingly, I found the Quotable Grandmas page the most pleasant, the Back Room rather hard on the ears.

Visit CODEORGAN and see what your favorite sites sound like. If nothing else, it's a different way to waste time online.