Summer reading

My favorite of the bunch.Now that Memorial Day -- meaning summer! -- has arrived, every print and online magazine for women touts summer reading lists. I've never really understood the emphasis on summer reading lists because summer has always been the season I'm least likely to pick up a book, as there's always far too much to do in the yard and lots of outdoor events to attend. But if I had my druthers, I would be whiling away the long summer days in the shade of a leafy tree, with a big ol' pile of books to read and Bubby at my side to share them.

Because many grandparents likely feel the same way about reading with their grandchildren, I've compiled a list of books I recently had the opportunity to review, books I think grandparents -- and parents and aunts and uncles and friends -- would be happy to share with the kids in their lives. Head to the Back Room to read my Book briefs: Summer reading for kids where you're sure to find something sweet, silly, sporty or scary, something for kids of all ages.

Enjoy! And Happy Memorial Day!

Today's question:

What adult fare do you have at the top of your summer reading list?

My answer: I'm currently reading Juliet by Anne Fortier. (I was fortunate to nab an advance copy; the book goes on sale in August.)